How Fashion Nova Uses Influencer Marketing To Dominate Instagram

How Fashion Nova managed to grow 600% in a single year and gain over 19 million Instagram followers using influencer marketing.

Saturday November 14th, 2020


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Founded in 2006 Fashion Nova quickly climbed to the ranks of some of the world’s most dominant fashion eCommerce brands. Using influencer marketing Fashion Nova has managed to eclipse some of the world’s leading brands and establish an Instagram presence like no other. 

Fashion Nova’s success in influencer marketing comes from the proper identification of its target audience and its powerful influencer strategy. Founder and CEO Richard Saghian started to notice the influential power of customers wearing his products who posted selfies on Instagram as early as 2013.

By treating every single customer as if they are a potential future influencer/brand advocate, they were able to establish a foothold that dominates Instagram and the fashion community. Fashion Nova uses these strategies to collaborate with thousands of influencers who love posting online wearing their favorite outfits from the brand.

In 2017, the company was the fourth most googled fashion brand alongside Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Chanel. All this was achieved by Fashion Nova without any runway shows, placements in magazines, or money spent on SEO. How did they do it?

It may be hard to believe but in 2013, 7 years after its launch, Fashion Nova didn’t even have a website to sell their clothes because Richard Saghian didn’t feel they were prepared to launch it. As 2013 rolled around, Saghian bit the bullet and launched the first-ever Fashion Nova website, selling out of everything in a single weekend.

Fashion Nova started by using micro-influencers to fuel its rapid growth which quickly became the most powerful marketing channel for the company. As Fashion Nova grew, so did its ambition for influencer acquisition, as it transitioned from nano and micro-influencers into using popular celebrities who dominate social media.

Cardi B was once quoted saying that Fashion Nova offers her $20,000 a month to wear the label and post about it to her followers. Although this is a small amount by today’s celebrity standards, this had a massive effect on the brand’s growth. Another notable celebrity, Kylie Jenner, was also recruited by Fashion Nova in 2016. Saghian once said that a single post from Kylie Jenner would net the company $50,000 in sales.

Ivette Saucedo, a fashion blogger with more than 329,000 Instagram followers, has worked with Fashion Nova for over two years. She told BuzzFeed News she was a fan of the brand before a representative reached out to her to model their clothes on her profile, so it was a perfect opportunity for her.

The brand is extremely active on Instagram, posting at 30-minute intervals every day, all day, and talks directly to its customers in the age group of 16 to 35 using a language and tone that resonates and connects with them. 

When Millenials wear one of its products and tag others on Instagram, they are honored with a #NovaStars or #NovaBabes title, which fuels its brand awareness, even more, turning each potential customer into a brand advocate.

If this has discouraged you, please don’t let it. When Fashion Nova started there were plenty of fashion brands that have dominated the space for decades, yet they managed to come on top while so many fashion brands are going bankrupt.

As technology improves and influencer conversion tracking is becoming more advanced, new opportunities will arise and there will be additional ways to stand out in today’s digital world. The next Fashion Nova is just around the corner!

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