Will Clubhouse Be The Next TikTok? Here's How To Get Invited

Tips on how to get invited to the new social media app called Clubhouse, which is quickly taking the world by storm.

Sunday January 17th, 2021


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Clubhouse is the trendy new social app launched in 2020 and is already valued at $100 million after a reported $12 million in funding from Andreessen Horowitz. Clubhouse took off in May and has 600,000 registered users, letting people join pop-up audio chat rooms. Considering the early stage of the company, it is one of the fastest-growing social media apps of 2020, fueled by the isolation inflicted by the coronavirus pandemic.

What exactly is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is an invite-only audio app where participants can move around virtual rooms discussing arts and culture, from popular TV shows to the state of the music industry. The app offers a variety of celebrity talk shows, D.J. nights, networking events, speed dating, theatrical performances, and political discussions. It also allows you to connect your Twitter and Instagram accounts to help you reach beyond the app.

One of the most unique things about Clubhouse is that it is exclusively by invitation only. This means that while you can download the app, create your account, and set your username, you will not be able to actually do anything beyond that until you get an invitation. Another limitation is that it’s not currently available on Google’s Play Store.

The limitations on invitations have fueled its appeal among entrepreneurs and business elites. There are a number of reasons why Clubhouse might be the next major platform for companies and marketers alike:

  • It offers the ability to connect and engage with professionals outside of your industry or niche.
  • The focus is on high-value conversations rather than produced content.
  • Clubhouse users are very particular about who they invite to join the app with them.

Once invited or nominated you will be able to join discussions hosted in various rooms, or host a room yourself where you can create a discussion yourself for people to join. Since Clubhouse is an audio-only app it makes it easy for you to contribute since you don't have to generate media as you do with other popular social media apps like TikTok and Instagram.

How To Get Invited

Due to its exclusivity getting invited is a scarce commodity on Clubhouse. Unless you already know someone who has it, you have no options except to wait until you get an invitation, and since the app is fairly new with less than a million users, the chances of you actually knowing someone who has the app are quite slim unless you are located in the Silicon Valley where the app is taking people by storm.

As a new user on Clubhouse by default you only get one invite, which makes it even harder to qualify since it makes users very selective of who they invite. Fortunately for you, we love social media and have scoured the web to find a few helpful tips and tricks that you can use to be invited to the app.

Clubhouse Nominations 

The easiest way is to get invited to create an account and reserve your username. If you have someone on the platform who already has your contact in their phone, it will send them a prompt to let you into Clubhouse, which can be done without them using their precious dedicated invites. 

Once someone nominates you on Clubhouse to join the platform it will permanently attach their profile to yours, and will say “This person was added by this person”. This is extremely beneficial to the user nominating since it grows their network and presence within the app as well.

Please note that if your friend or acquaintance has not synced their contacts with the app then this will not work. They will only get the prompt to nominate you if they have synced their phone contacts with Clubhouse and have your phone number which you used to sign up for Clubhouse within their contact list.

Clubhouse Invitation Contests

Another great way is to participate in contests that have been popping up all over social media by influencers who managed to get their early access. A lot of these influencers are creating these giveaway contests, and if you win then you get the exclusive invitation that you are looking for.

If you have been one of the lucky ones to get invited yourself, one of the ways to increase the number of invites you have is to create new rooms. By hosting new rooms you get more invites which in turn helps you invite more of your friends and help you grow your network.

Get Started!

If you are familiar with the explosive growth of social media you are familiar with the importance of securing your username before someone else does, so don’t delay and secure your Clubhouse username before someone else does!

Clubhouse is currently available for download on Apple’s App Store for free. Please note that there are a lot of copycats out there already, so we recommend only using the link provided above. Hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

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