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Customer marketing

Offer your customers rewards and pay for the followers your reach and engagement you receive on every post.

Start at $1/post

Never pay more than $9/post

Organic promotions

For 1 on 1 collaborations with creators. Flat service fee for every post.


Optional add-ons

Our platform is easy-to-use, but we are happy to save you even more time.

Campaign setup fee


Let our in-house experts work with you to set up a better targeted and more effective campaign.

Creator management

Our team of experts handle all your creator communication, content approval, and campaign logistics.

Up to 10 creators


11-25 creators (save 25%)


26-50 creators (save 50%)


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Whitelisting services

We handle creator whitelisting on highest-performing posts.

1 whitelistings


5 whitelistings (save 20%)


10 whitelistings (save 40%)


25 whitelistings (save 60%)


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