Guest Blogging Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in writing a guest blog for AdMass!

If you enjoy writing or would like to share your expertise with our audience of marketers, creators, and business owners, we'd love to hear from you.

Please take some time to review the content below — it should answer any questions you have about what kind of content we're looking for and how our submission process works.

Also, we value your contribution, but due to the volume of requests that we receive, unfortunately we cannot respond to all the submissions.

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What We're Looking For

We love comprehesive, data-driven, and interesting posts that teach our readers something new about the world of creator marketing.

We look for several things for every post which we publish:

  • Original concepts, latest industry news or trends, and high-quality writing. We will not republish anything that's been published elsewhere
  • Article reflects the writing style/tone of our Influencer Marketing Blog. We aim to be casual, helpful and unbiased
  • No more than one link to your company's website (Note: Each blog post is followed by an author bio where you can include your link: View Example)

What We're Not Accepting

There are a few thing that we cannot accept:

  • Anything that's been covered on our blog before.
  • Anything that may be construed as a link-building scheme.
  • Anything that's too promotional for your company or organization.
  • Anything that's offensive or inaccurate.
  • Anything that's overly critical of individuals or companies.
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What We Really Love

We have a weak spot for posts that include the following:

  • Posts with images. If you include images please make sure that:
    • Please only upload photos that you own. Images found on Google Image, Flickr, Pinterest, etc are not permitted.
    • All images must cite the image source as: “Image source” and hyperlink that text with the page you found the image on.
    • All images uploaded must be at least 1200 x 500.
  • When you link other AdMass blog posts. You can browse our influencer marketing blog to find the ones you would like to link.
  • When your blog post is over 1000 words. We don't enforce this, but we do really, really like this.

Submission Guidelines

Submitting your guest post to our marketing blog is easy!

1. Double check that you include proper attribution of data, quotations, and outside content referenced in the article.
2. Check you grammar, readiblity and make sure the post is unique. Here is a list of some helpful resources (same ones we will use to double check your post):

3. Submit your blog post to Please include a short biography (no more than 350 characters) which includes your name and one link to your website or profile which you would like to promote (the link is not a requirement).

If your article meets editorial standards and aligns with our content strategy, we will respond to let you know when your article will be published. That process may take up to 2 weeks and the publish date could exceed this timeline based on the needs of our editorial calendar.

Due to the volume of requests we receive, we cannot respond to all submissions.