10 Tips For Running Your Influencer Marketing Campaign

Top ways to get the most out of your influencer collaborations.

Monday June 22nd, 2020


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As social media platforms grow more saturated with ads every day, finding new strategies that help cut through the noise and reach your target market are becoming of paramount importance. In this brave new digital world influencer marketing (or creator marketing as some companies are branding it) has become every marketer’s dream due its high ROAS and ability to connect with customers at every stage of their purchase journey.

Let’s go over a few marketing and collaboration tips and see how they can be used to launch effective influencer marketing campaigns:

Tip #1 - Define Your Goal

Setting goals before starting your influencer marketing campaigns is the key to measuring and optimizing your ads to improve them over time. 

Your goals may vary depending on your brand and business, and could be anything from growing your social media accounts, to increasing reach and awareness, getting more sales or subscriptions, or even generating traffic and leads.

Based on your goals, you’ll be able to better plan which metrics you need to track and how you should structure your collaborations. 

For example, if your goal is to generate sales then you can collaborate with multiple influencers using a single campaign. You can customize links for each of them so that you can keep track of which influencers were more effective. This can help you find your cost per acquisition and calculate the ROAS of your campaign.

If your goal is to get more subscription or downloads then coupon codes might be the way to go. Loot Crate for example, collaborated with influencers such as PewDiePie to get more subscriptions. They gave PewDiePie a promo code, “Pewds,” which his audience could use to get 10% off on the subscription.

Tip #2 - Choose Your Audience

Choosing what your target audience is easier once you have a set of specific goals in mind. For example if you are trying to drive more in-store traffic, then the best way for you to achieve this goal would be to target the cities where your stores are located and the specific demographics to which your brand is tailored towards.

Making sure that you know your target market is extremely important to picking the right influencers and ensuring that you get the most out of your influencer marketing campaigns.

Tip #3 - Pick The Right Influencers

It is important to ensure that influencers you choose to align with your brand and business values. Influencers have their own unique brands and identities and it is important to not forget that in order to reach peak ROAS. Before sending offers to influencers for collaborations, you should make sure that you picked the influencers that will best align with your brand, thus providing the best reach towards your target customer base. 

Tip #4 - Mix It Up A Bit

While choosing a single influencer with a massive reach to promote your brand may seem like the best way to harness the power of influencer marketing, it may actually not be the right strategy for you. Influencers with a massive reach usually reach far outside any individual city, so if you are a local business trying to market through influencers you may end up paying for a lot of reach that your business cannot convert into paying customers. 

For local businesses which want to engage in influencer marketing it would be a better strategy to go for local influencers that don’t have a large following but are highly targeted within a specific city. This can be achieved by using a platform like AdMass to reach any number of influencers with a single campaign while being able to target a specific city or cities.

Tip #5 - Don’t Micromanage

While you know your brand and your marketing goals and objectives, the influencers you collaborate with know their target audience better than anyone. Don’t try to micromanage everything once you have the influencers you wish to collaborate with. If they are the right influencers for you, then you must trust in their ideas and creative skills. 

Influencer Marketing Spelled Out

Tip #6 - Harness The Power Of Creativity

One of the main advantages of influencer marketing is how it can infuse your ads with creativity for almost no additional cost. As a business owner you have a very specific message and brand identity that you want to deliver through your advertising, however this desire may hold you back from reaching the highest potential with your advertising.

Communicating your goals and objectives in your campaign description and then letting the influencer create your advertisements for you can be a great way to reduce your costs on paying for ad creation while having every single ad look unique, better capturing the attention of your customers. AdMass lets you deliver consistent messaging in your influencer ads while using influencer-generated media to spice up your ads.

Tip #7 - Advertise Without Advertising

Influencers don’t like to act like salespeople. They want to promote brands that they enjoy and they believe in. They also want to retain their own brand image and identity as they collaborate and promote through their posts. 

Your ads can be more powerful by aligning with these goals and desires by ensuring that your ads don’t stick out and seem like advertisements. By giving these ads a feel of simple recommendations, your customers won’t feel like they are being sold to through your brand and instead will interact with your brand naturally through the influencers they trust.

Tip #8 - Disclaim Your Ad

The age of influencer marketing has sparked a whole new set of rules, regulations and debates around the truth in advertising and how it is reflected in influencer ads. 

With FTC and other government agencies setting up new guidance on influencer marketing worldwide, it is important to disclaim correctly that it is a sponsored post. You have to be transparent about your advertising in order to avoid any potential legal issues.

Influencer Collaboration

Tip #9 - Promote Your Collaborations

Be proud of your collaborations and share them in every way possible. Repost, reshare, and promote with links on websites and blogs to make sure that each post gets maximum visibility. You can even sponsor your posts in some cases to increase the reach of your collaborators’ hard work and make sure that each advertisement reaches far and wide.

When using AdMass for your influencer marketing you retain full ownership of the sponsored post and can reuse that material as you please in future advertising material or as graphics on your website or blog.

Tip #10 - Optimize And Repeat

The final step of any successful marketing campaign is to measure the outcome and ensure that all of your goals have been reached. It is important to analyze every campaign outcome thoughtfully and ensure that you know how you can tweak future campaigns to improve your ROAS over time.

Collaborating with influencers is great for building strong relationships that can turn your collaborators into ambassadors for your brand who will spread awareness everywhere they go, helping you reach your goals faster and cheaper for a long time even after your collaborations.

As you re-engage with your favorite influencers for sequential campaigns you will be able to tweak your messaging and expand your reach further and easier using the previously established KPIs that you collect from analyzing the data from your influencer marketing campaign.

So are you ready to get started? AdMass makes it easy for you to launch influencer marketing campaigns of any sizes, and you can start today for free!

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