Offer Rewards For Social Media Posts With AdMass

AdMass now allows you to offer rewards and discounts to relevant social media users who can help promote your business.

Sunday March 14th, 2021


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We are pleased to announce that our long-awaited new product is here! Last week we launched Automate Offers, which let you offer rewards and discounts in exchange for posts. Our AI automates the entire process, from picking the best users that fit your demographic to calculating the value of that social media user and even checking that the post matches your intended content.

Our technology works in a similar way that PPC ads do, except we don’t charge for clicks or impressions, but only for conversions. Our CPM and CPE rates are 10x cheaper than using traditional social media ads, however, unlike PPC ads that disappear right away, our posts stay up, giving you longer exposure and driving more sales.

With AdMass you can offer flexible compensation, you can choose to offer a monetary reward or a discount for posts on social media. You choose what message you would like to be promoted which we auto-verify for you when the post goes live. You can segment your demographics by age, gender and location, and then launch your ad as we take care of the rest.

You choose exactly what level of control you have over your promotions. If you would like to review them before they go live, we can preview them before you give them the “green light”. Want to automate the whole thing and let our AI do the rest? We are here to help!

Not only do we drive users from within our platform directly to your offer to take the work of promoting on social media off of your shoulders, but we also promote the offer publicly, driving Google traffic to your offer and business.

Since our launch last week we have had great feedback from eCommerce and local businesses alike who started using this product, and we are so excited for everyone to try it that we decided to offer a limited time $50 credit for anyone who joins and creates their offer between now and April 15th, 2021 to try out AdMass Automate Offers risk-free.

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