Latest AdMass Update Lets You Collaborate in a New Way

A look into our newest features which let you collaborate with influencers using any post format available across the most popular social media platforms.

Saturday November 21st, 2020


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We are excited to announce that we have recently launched a new set of features that allows you to extend your influencer marketing capabilities with even more post variations on the most popular social media platforms. Without any delay, let’s dive right into these new features!


In addition to the plain text posts that you were able to use before we have now added several other options to help you better succeed with your social media marketing plan.

  • Image and carousels - Harness the power of powerful imagery and provide your own media or request influencers to create content that connects with their audience.
  • Video posts - The most powerful and highest-converting method of sponsoring your posts through influencers.
  • Interactions - Get influencers to share and comment on your content.


Advertising on Instagram is perhaps one of the most important channels for any eCommerce social media marketing strategy. Since plain text posts are not allowed we have expanded our selection to many other post types:

  • Image and carousels - The most cost-efficient way to collaborate with influencers, perfect for increasing your eCommerce sales!
  • Video posts - There are few things more powerful to drive traffic to your online store or website than a video created by an influencer who connects with your target audience.
  • Link in their biography - Turn influencers into brand advocates and purchase a link to your Instagram profile or website that the influencers insert into their bio.
  • Interactions - Just like Facebook you can get influencers to share your posts with their followers or comment on them to drive more traffic to your profile.


In addition to text tweets we have expanded our selection to include a great selection of post types listed below:

  • Image and carousels - Provide your images or request a unique image or images created by the influencer.
  • Video posts - Just like with Facebook and Instagram, you can provide your own video for the influencer to post or request a unique influencer-generated video.
  • Interactions - Improve your social media traffic by requesting influencers to comment on your tweets or share them with their followers.

We’re also hoping to add polls in the near future and will keep you updated on the progress!


There is no doubt that YouTube is a lot different than the majority of other social media platforms. Videos get traffic longer than posts and often provide a longer exposure to your target demographic.

  • Mention - The most affordable way to advertise on YouTube, this allows you to get YouTube celebrities and influencers to mention your company, product, or channel in their video. Some of our influencers have over 20 million monthly views on YouTube, so this is bound to get your ad lots of exposure!
  • Image or video insert - You can now provide or request the influencer to create a small insert that they place in their video.
  • Interactions - When you want to pump more juice into your video you can purchase shares and comment from popular YouTube influencers that help drive more traffic.


With the dominance of TikTok in the news on the social media world, it is important to not leave this platform out of your social media marketing strategy. In consideration of this we have added even more features to TikTok collaborations:

  • Video posts - The most popular way to collaborate on TikTok is to have an influencer make an engaging video about your or your company. Of course if you want to provide something of your own, you can do that too!
  • Image inserts - Provide an image that the influencer puts in their TikTok video, or request them to create their own to advertise your company.
  • Bio link - Purchase a link for a set number of days that the influencer puts in their bio to drive traffic to your website or social media profile.
  • Interactions - Shares and comments by and influencers can give your TikTok video the juice it needs to grow and become viral!


For many companies advertising is a challenge because of the nature of their company and target demographic. Our experience shows us that it is usually a very specific niche of B2B companies that provide services that are not “sexy” enough for the other social media platforms. Fortunately, we’re here to help!

  • Image and carousels - Provide images or request the influencer to create one for you that is accompanied by a powerful message that drives more customers to your business.
  • Video post - Video posts are hard to ignore, so why not have an influencer create an engaging video that promotes your company?
  • Interactions - If you need to drive more traffic to your post or article this may be the perfect type of collaboration for you.


Depending on the industry and niche that you're in Pinterest may be one of the most powerful social media marketing tools at your disposal. After seeing a tremendous amount of growth this year on the platform, we decided to add a couple more post types to the mix:

  • Posting pins - You can purchase pins with an image that you provide or an influencer-created image that connects with their audience and drives traffic to your company or profile
  • Saving pins - Sometimes it helps to drive more traffic to your Pinterest account by having influencers save your pin to their board to drive more brand awareness to your product or company.
  • Pin comments - Not getting enough traffic to your pin? Sometimes a comment from an influencer is all you need!


Although Twitch offers fewer collaboration opportunities than other networks it is still one of the most dominant social media platforms in the world. In this update we have extended the advertising opportunities to include the following ad types:

  • Images - Perfect for companies who are looking to increase brand awareness or sell products, you can now purchase image inserts from influencers which they post on their live streams.
  • Mention - Just like YouTube, this allows you to purchase a mention from an influencer that serves as a great traffic generator during their live stream. One of the best ways to advertise your new product that aligns with the influencer’s audience.
  • Sharing - Getting traffic to your Twitch stream may not be easy, so we made it easier by allowing you to purchase a share from an influencer that can give your Twitch stream the boost it needs!


As you see we now provide you with every tool necessary to succeed in influencer marketing. All collaborations are carefully matched to ensure the highest quality ads and maximum conversions. We also added a new review system that allows you to check every post exactly as it will appear on the social media platform, allowing you to make sure your post will look exactly how you want it to before it goes live.

Are you ready to start? Don’t forget that with us you don’t pay any registration or monthly fees, it’s completely commission-free to advertise so you can get started today!

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