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Influencer Collaborating With A Brand

Marketing That Works

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89% of people surveyed say ROI from influencer marketing is better than other marketing channels or comparable with 6% planning to spend more than 90% of their marketing budget

According to a 2019 Influencer Marketing Benchmark Report

Top Companies Use It

Influencer marketing is trusted by companies of all sizes.

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Fashion Nova Case Study

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Spent: 40m

Likes: 611m

EMV: 125m

Followers: 19m

Fashion Nova’s success in influencer marketing comes from proper audience targetting and its powerful customer management strategy.

They treat every customer as a potential future brand advocate, dominating the Instagram fashion community.

Fashion Nova collaborates with thousands of influencers who post on Instagram wearing their favorite outfits from the brand.

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Two Ways To Advertise

Your Content

Provide branded content for the influencers to promote.

Creator Content

Influencer generated content which you get to review and approve.

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Campaign Automation

Launch influencer campaigns in miuntes. Sit back, and relax while our platform takes care of the rest.

Advanced Analysis

In-depth influencer metrics to help you build a winning strategy. See every post exactly how it will appear and approve it before ir goes live.


Our platform filters out influencers with fake engagement using an advanced algorithm which helps you know the strength of each collaboration before you begin.

Creator Search

Access to over a hundred thousand influencers. Segment your search geographically, demographically, or using social media-specific parameters for a better match.

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Own a Local Business or a Chain?

Find thousands of influencers in your city. Thousands of cities to search.

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