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How It Works

AdMass combines the best elements of traditional pay-per-click advertising
and word-of-mouth marketing into a new way of advertising on social media

AdMass vs. Traditional Ads

With AdMass:

You don't pay for clicks or impressions, only conversions

Unlike pay-per-click ads, your posts stay up driving more sales & brand awareness

Save money on ads by using creator-generated content

Leverage word-of-mouth marketing and build trust in your business

Grow Virally on Social Media

Unlimited access to 150K+ creators ready to promote your business.


Create Promotions

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Offer rewards for social media posts about your business.


Attract Customers

We promote your offer to 150k+ creators and on Google.


Get Promotions

Creators post about your business and products on social media.


Measure & Grow

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Receive in-depth reports and scale your business faster.

Marketing That Works

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89% of people surveyed say ROI from influencer marketing is better than other marketing channels or comparable with 6% planning to spend more than 90% of their marketing budget.

Statistics from a 2019 Influencer Marketing Benchmark Report

What is creator marketing?

Creator marketing is the latest trend in influencer marketing, focused around influencers that create engaging posts to drive customers to businesses.

Our approach helps you get the maximum reach for every promotion you launch and maximize your conversions.

Top Companies Use It

Companies of all sizes trust influencer marketing.

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Fashion Nova Case Study

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Fashion Novaโ€™s success in influencer marketing comes from proper audience targetting and its powerful customer management strategy.

They treat every customer as a potential future brand advocate, dominating the Instagram fashion community.

Fashion Nova collaborates with thousands of creators who post on Instagram wearing their favorite outfits from the brand.

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Two Ways To Promote

Create automated Pay-Per-Conversion promotional offers and let us do the rest.

Find and approach creators for fast, one-time promotions.

Automated Offers

Offer rewards for users to post about your business on social media.

We promote your offers on Google search and within our marketplace. Users post about you on social media and grow your sales through word-of-mouth marketing.

Direct Promotions

Perfect for fast, one-time collaborations with influencers and creators.

Send collaboration offers and have creators create unforgettable ads on social media promoting your business. Review promotions before they go live.

Unlimited Free Access

No monthly fees. You only pay for results.

Advanced Analysis

Our platform filters out creators with fake engagement and provides you with in-depth metrics that help you build a winning strategy and get a better return for every dollar you spend.

All-In-One Platform

AdMass provides your with targetted search, ad generation, campaign management and automation, agreements, payment, reviews and in-depth reports available in real-time.

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Scalable & Fast

Launch targetted ads in minutes. We promote your offers on Google and our marketplace, automating your social media marketing. Preview promotions before they go live or let our AI do it for you.

Track Sales

We can custom generate coupon codes for you based on each individual creator so that you can track sales across Shopify, Amazon, WooCommerce and any other eCommerce platform to see who is performing best.

Perfect for Every Business

Whether you run an online store or a local business, we can help you grow your business on social media through posts your customers will trust.

Supported Social Platforms

Promote your company on the most popular social media platforms in the world.

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