How To Turn Your Customers Into Brand Advocates

Learn how you can turn all your customers into brand advocates who promote your company to their family, friends and followers using AdMass.

Sunday May 16th, 2021


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Influencer marketing is nothing new, it has been around for years and is growing faster than any other marketing channel in the world. The tremendous benefits that it brings in building awareness and trust in your company have sparked a new culture on social media, fueling startups and innovations from some of the biggest social media platforms in the world. 

Over the years influencer marketing has changed shape and evolved itself to focus more on UGC and nano and micro-influencers, as marketers quickly realized that the more authentic those posts are and the smaller the following of the creators, the higher the engagement rate of each post executed and the more likely those posts will drive sales since the followings of those influencers are more loyal and engaged.

At AdMass we are always focused on innovation and staying a few steps ahead of the curve, so we started asking, why not take it one step further? Why not let companies turn every customer into a brand advocate, no matter the number of followers they have? After all, consumers are on average 5X more influenced by their friends and family than they are by influencers.

This is exactly what we did with our latest product. AdMass lets you turn every customer into a brand advocate who recommends your company and products as they pose with them on social media. Best part? Instead of paying them money, you can offer discounts on repeat purchases or extended trial subscriptions. 

Increases in your sales are not the only reason this strategy works better than traditional influencer marketing, however. Every social media marketer knows that the key to growing the virality of your company on social media and increasing your presence is having a good hashtag strategy in place and increasing the number of hashtags out there. While companies like Fashion Nova can put $40 million in influencer marketing in a single year to grow their company 600%, if you’re the average online store chances are your budget reserves for this are a little smaller. 

Since AdMass automates the entire process, it lets you save time and money on verification. This allows you to get dozens or even hundreds of posts with your hashtags and messages out there for the same price that you would get one post with a different influencer marketing platform. We also help you re-engage these customers and help you track their effectiveness using our generated codes. 

Another benefit in choosing this method over traditional influencer marketing is that since you are using regular social media users, they are way less likely to have fake followers. Fake followers cost the industry $1.3 billion in 2019, which at the time was about 25% of the entire influencer marketing ad spend worldwide. This is not something you have to worry about with average people, since they are just happy to share something in exchange for a discount or reward, and are not looking to make a living from their blown-up follower count. 

We are not saying that influencer marketing does not have its benefits, on the contrary, we provide a marketplace filled with over 150k creators because we believe it does serve tremendous benefits. We simply believe that not turning your loyal and happy customers into brand advocates using a well-oiled automation machine-like AdMass is a huge waste of your valuable resources and potential. With AdMass you get the best of both of these worlds since both of these social media marketing strategies complement each other, as we strive to be the last creator marketing platform that you will ever need.

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