How To Calculate TikTok Engagement

Learn how to calculate engagement on TikTok and how to collaborate with creators more reliably and efficiently

Sunday February 21st, 2021


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It’s no doubt that TikTok has become a crucial channel for social media marketing, no matter what industry you are in. With TikTok surpassing 1 billion active users in February 2021, by marketing on TikTok you are tapping into a large market using one of the most captivating marketing methods - video.

One of the best ways to advertise your business on TikTok is through the use of influencers and creators. Choosing who to collaborate with can be a tricky task, however, considering the various factors you have to consider as a business before paying someone to create or help promote TikTok videos.

When looking for TikTok creators you have to make sure that their audience aligns with yours, and that you are going to get the engagement you are looking for. Calculating engagement on TikTok is quite an easy task, however can be extremely time-consuming especially if you want your promotion to spread across dozens or even hundreds of TikTok influencers.

TikTok engagement can be calculated using the following formula:

Engagement Rate = (likes + comments + shares) / views for X videos. 

The recommended minimum for X is at least 10 videos, however, the more you calculate, the more exact your engagement rate will be. 

A calculation of over 10,000 accounts shows that the average engagement rates are:

  • 100k-500k followers - 17.93% 
  • 500k-1M followers - 22.79% 
  • 1M-5M followers - 20.57% 
  • 5M-10M followers - 21.97% 
  • 10M+ followers - 21.72%

This can serve as a good benchmark to get you started, however analyzing these rates can be daunting if you are not using a proper tool. To help you save time and money we have created a TikTok Engagement Calculator that can do this analysis for you, as well as provide several other metrics when you analyze the TikTok creator you want to collaborate with.

Our tool is absolutely free, and once you register you can get access to over 100,000 creators who you can find using our filtered search through our platform, segmenting by follower size, gender, and location.

If you are a TikTok creator, we welcome you to join our community of creators to start earning money from your posts and interactions with other accounts. 

To learn more please visit our TikTok Engagement Calculator page. Happy collaborating!

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