Top 5 Famous Pet Influencers on Instagram

A list of the most popular and influential pet celebrities on Instagram, TikTok, and other social media.

Sunday November 29th, 2020


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While so many social media users are trying to get into the ranks of influencers, there is a whole category of influencers that manage to amass large followings without trying at all. Who are they? Pet influencers.

Over the years more and more proud pet owners have helped their pets rise to the ranks of the most popular animals on the planet through the virality of social media. Some of these pets have in fact become so famous that they struck movie deals, book deals, and even have their own online store.

1. Jiff Pom

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The most followed pet influencer in the world happens to be an adorable pomeranian that you can’t help but smile when you see. His Instagram is filled with him posing in adorable outfits, posing along-side various stuffed animals, and a variety of other images that fill your heart with love.

This brown pomeranian’s charisma has allowed him to dominate Instagram with over 10 million followers, and TikTok with over 20 million followers. Not only does he have an incredible following, but he also has a book deal, a calendar, and an online store to help fuel his popularity.

2. Nala Cat

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Next down our list is a Guinness Record-holding feline that has managed to gain over 4 million followers on Instagram thanks to its big round eyes and captivating looks. She is an ambassador for Halopets and CbdMD, as well as a member of the Wayfair Pet Squad.

Her popularity stretches beyond Instagram, with over a million likes on TikTok and an online store where you can buy Nala-branded cat food for your loved ones. She is so popular, that even her name is trademarked!

3. Doug The Pug

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The second dog on our list is a pug that became an internet sensation with over 12 million followers across all his social media channels and has met various celebrities including Ed Sheran, Cole Sprouse, and Shakira. This 6-year old pooch has starred in music videos, been on the cover of numerous magazines, and even became a New York Times bestselling author.

In 2017 Doug won a Shorty award for “Instagrammer of the Year.” He has most recently collaborated with Mercedes-Benz and Claire’s. Can’t wait to see what Doug will do next!

4. Juniper The Fox

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While dogs and cats may be the most popular pets in the world, for this place we decided to switch it up a bit. Juniper is a fox that has managed to amass more than 3 million followers, like no other fox before her.

While there are plenty more dogs and cats that exceed Juniper by their amount of followers, where she lacks in followers she makes up in attitude. Crowned “the happiest fox”, she shares her spotlight with her brother Fig and a dog named “Moose”, which. Be sure to check out this red fox next time you’re browsing your Instagram account!

5. Diddy Kong and Yeti Kong the Marmosets

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Last on our list is a couple of marmosets from Miami that have been labeled as “the most famous monkeys in the world”. These furry friends have over 1 million followers across their social media accounts (almost a million on Instagram alone) and have collaborated with businesses like Two Hats Beer Company and The Klique App.

Their LADBible video managed to get almost half a million views since 2016 and they have been entertaining millions of people since on their Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube profiles. 


This list is not a complete list of course, there are plenty more dogs and cats that have reached celebrity status on social media, such as Jill the Squirrel, Hamlet the Pig, Lionel the Hog, Mr. Bagel the Chinchilla, Teddy the Shetland Pony, Tito the Raccoon, Boris the Chameleon and numerous other cats and dogs. We hope you enjoyed our list, and if you would like to add your pet to the list, feel free to contact us or write a guest post!

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