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Customer Marketing

Turn every customer into a brand advocate using our customer marketing offers.

Include links in your emails or QR codes on products to drive customers to your public landing page. Pay only for reach and engagement that your receive.

Organic Promotions

Perfect for fast, one-time collaborations with relevant creators.

Send collaboration offers and have creators create authentic recommendations on social media promoting your business. Review promotions before they go live.

No commission, no monthly fees

The only creator marketing platform where you pay on a post-by-post basis.


Create Promotions

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Offer rewards to customers and creators in exchange for social media posts.


Attract Customers

Get a public landing page while getting traffic from Google and AdMass.


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Choose to review each post or automate to scale your business even quicker.


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Always know the effectiveness of every single campaign and post.

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"It's amazing how cost-effective AdMass is. Posts were authentic and aligned perfectly with my brand. A must-try for your business."

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AdMass creators are 5x more effective at driving purchases and 10x cheaper than traditional influencers used by other marketing platforms.

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“Reputation and influence must be earned. Social media is the
quickest way to show your audience how good you are.”

- Stacey Kehoe

Founder of Brandlective Communications and
International #1 Best Selling Author

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