How we drove over 350% follower growth for Banana Boat

AdMass used a revolutionary approach that drove thousands of promotional posts in just a few weeks.

Paradigm Case Study

Consumer Advocacy

11% increase in customer retention

AdMass was tasked to find consumers who were moms ages 20-45 with babies 3-9 months old to promote a new baby teething product. Instead of offering these moms money, the brand offered 25% OFF their next purchase.

The results were:

  100% repeat purchases from mom promoting the brand
  11.13% of followers who engaged with the post visited the store
  8.3% average engagement rate for all of the posts

* Perfect for our digital sampling and sales-focused campaigns

Giveaways & Contests

2.12% download conversion

The goal for this campaign was to target university students and drive app downloads using a giveaway. The reward incentives were $100 gift cards for a famous retail giant.

The results were:

  86% of followers who engaged with the posts downloaded the app
  14.61% average engagement rate for all the posts
  $0.33 per lead for interested consumers obtained from the giveaway

* Perfect for brand awareness, lead generation and subscription services

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