Risk free marketing that drives 5x more sales than other channels

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11% increase
in customer retention

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5x more purchases than traditional influencers

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Increase profits by up to 70% with AdMass


Our mission is to solve growing problems

  • Checkmark 1 in 5 products get returned by customers according to CNBC
  • Checkmark 70% never return to a store according to Harvard Business Review
  • Checkmark 96% of consumers don't trust ads according to Inc.

At AdMass, we developed an automated way for you to
improve every one of these metrics.

What if your customers were...




That increases your retention by more than 5%
and increase your profits by up to 70%

Source: Outbound Engine

AdMass creates a prepetual flywheel that drives growth at every point of your customer journey

Step 1

Your customers receive targetted offers that excite them and cut through the noise of your compeititors.

With each campaign, we help you learn more about your customer, helping you increase customer loyalty and engagement on social media

Step 2

Your customers are given directions on how to promote your brand, optimized for authenticity and growth.

AdMass is not a referral program. Our technology helps you convert as many as 20% of your customers into a powerful community of brand advocates who are proud to use your brand.

Step 3

Our technology automates the whole process, keeping your brand safe while maximizing your sales growth.

AdMass is the only platform that automatically verifies posts, giving you the ability to generate thousands of authentic consumer posts in minutes.

Trusted partner of Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG)

Step 4

Once the post is verified, your customer instantly receives the discount and is directed back to your store.

AdMass is the best solution to help you maximize customer retention. We help you drive both new and repeat sales thanks to the power of UGC.

Higher ROI across multiple marketing channels

Drive up to 5x more new sales - Your average customer has mostly friends and family as followers. According to Because XM, this innate trust can drive 5x more purchases than influencers.

Reduce your advertising costs - Your customers will be ecstatic to promote your brand for discounts. No need to pay expensive influencers or use other advertising mediums.

Improve your customer engagement - We analyze your customer’s behavior using AI. This allows us to optimize offers you send to customers and ensures that your brand is always top-of-mind in their inbox.

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