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Ballpark rates


1k - 5k

5k - 15k

15k - 50k

50k - 100k

100k - 250k

250k - 1m

1m +


$50 - $150

$150 - $250

$250 - $500

$500 - $1,300

$1,300 - $2,500

$2,500 - $10,000


These are just guides and you can charge whatever price you choose for your posts

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With AdMass it doesn't matter, no matter who you are and how many followers you have you can earn money and discounts for promoting products you love!

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We help your entire family earn a side-income. Even your dog.

Stay creative and authentic when posting, staying true to your followers.

We ensure you get paid for every post so you can promote worry-free.

We can help notify you about new offers you might find interested to save you time.

We help you get discounts by posting about brands you love.

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For Creators & Influencers

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Only a small commission deducted from your earnings.


On earnings
up to $2,999
per month


On earnings
$3,000- $9,999
per month


On earnings
over $10,000
per month

Let's say you earn $5K in September, you would fall into the 9% category.
Therefore, you keep 91% and we deduct 9% of each transaction.
The more you earn, the more you keep!

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