Contributor Policy

These policies outline the rules and regulations for the use of AdMass Inc.'s Website.

Last updated September 5, 2021

By contributing your content or providing your feedback you acknowledge that you understand and agree with all of the following:

  1. By submitting your suggestion or design we may use your designs without giving you any credit or any reimbursement, or any compensation whether in monetary form or other.
  2. As soon as you submit your suggestion we own full rights to your suggestion including use, modification, duplication and any other forms of use not mentioned in this policy.
  3. While we will try to incorporate your suggestion into our designs and development process, we do not guarantee that we will able to do so or will see fit to do so.
  4. We may incorporate your design with other designs of a similar or contrasting nature as we fit with no obligation to inform or consult you.
  5. We hold no liability for any delays or damages caused by us responding to your feedback or contribution.
  6. You hold no liability for any damages caused by feature contributions which we implement in future designs.

Thank you for your contribution.

AdMass Inc.