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Supported social platforms

Promote your company on the most popular social media platforms in the world.

No commission, no monthly fees

The only creator marketing platform where you pay on a post-by-post basis.


Create Promotions

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Offer rewards to customers and creators in exchange for social media posts.


Attract Customers

Get a public landing page while getting traffic from Google and AdMass.


Review Posts

Choose to review each post or automate to scale your business even quicker.


Real-Time Reports

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Always know the effectiveness of every single campaign and post.

Advertise smarter, get customers faster

Turn your customers into brand advocates generating authentic recommendations while posing with your products on social media.

AdMass vs. Traditional Ads

With AdMass:

You don't pay for clicks or impressions, only conversions

Unlike pay-per-click ads, your posts stay up driving more sales & brand awareness

Save money on ads by using creator-generated content

Leverage word-of-mouth marketing and build trust in your business

Two ways to grow your business

Customer marketing and creator marketing in one sales-focused platform.

Customer Marketing

Turn every customer into a brand advocate using our customer marketing offers.

Include links in your emails or QR codes on products to drive customers to your public landing page. Pay only for reach and engagement that your receive.

Organic Promotions

Perfect for fast, one-time collaborations with relevant creators.

Send collaboration offers and have creators create authentic recommendations on social media promoting your business. Review promotions before they go live.

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There are no monthly or registration fees.

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