Pricing & Fees

The AdMass pricing structure is designed to ensure that each and every business and company gets a high ROAS on their social media advertising and that each creator and content creator gets fair pay for their work. We use PayPal to securely process every transaction.


With AdMass registration is free and there are no monthly subscription or commission fees. Our pricing structure is designed to help you scale as your grow!

Pay a flat service fee of $9 on posts which you are satisfied with and approve.

Creators & Content Creators

Creators and content creators do not have to pay anything when placing an inquiry or completing the order. There is only a small commission deducted from your earnings:

  • 10% - for monthly earnings up to $2999
  • 9% - for monthly between $3000-9999
  • 8% - for monthly over $10000

Cancellation & International Fees

If there is a cancellation or expiration of the order then the advertiser will receive a full refund.

Additional fees may be incurred in the event of currency conversions and will be converted within the PayPal platform incurring their fess. AdMass does not charge anything on top of these fees during a currency conversion.