The fastest way to get brand advocates who will increase sales and trust in your company

Turn Customers Into Brand Advocates

Get every customer recommending you to everyone they know

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Studies show that consumers are on average five times more influenced by their friends and family than celebrities when they are making a purchase decision.

Think about it

How often do you buy something because a friend or family member recommended it?

When you buy something, who's opinion do you value most about the purchase you made?

Skyrocket Your Sales With AdMass

Attract consumers through the most powerful channel on social media

How Much Can You Save?

Compare AdMass against alternative social media ads

Social Media Ads


Instagram CPM = $0.90+ avg


CTR rates have dropped 200%
in just 2 years

According to Google 50% of mobile ad clicks are accidental

Other Influencer Marketing Platforms


Instagram CPM = $5-10 avg


Nano Influencers
(1K-10K followers) = 5.7-4% avg

Micro Influencers
(10K+ followers) = 2.4% avg

Customer Marketing


Instagram CPM = $0.30 avg


Any customer w/any number of followers = 8%+ avg

Close relationship is more likely to drive a purchase

So How Does It Work?

Offer rewards in exchange for social media posts

AdMass automated offers step 1

1. Set Post Details

Ask your customers to make posts using your products.

Let them know what to write and which hashtags to use.

AdMass automated offers step 2

2. Set Your Rewards For Posts

You can offer discounts instead of money rewards for promotional posts.

This helps you drive repeat purchases without having to pay the customer for posts.

AdMass automated offers step 3

3. Segment Your Customers

Turn every single customer into a brand advocate after they purchase your product.

Or segment each customer by specific demographics which you want to focus on.

AdMass automated offers step 4

4. Review & Track Leads

You can choose to review the posts before and after they go live to have extra control.

Import/export custom codes included in each post to help track sales on your eCommerce website and Amazon.

In-Depth Reports

Deep insights about the audience demographics, engagement, conversions and effectiveness of promoted posts

AdMass report demogprahics

This report was generated using a simulated campaign

Pay-As-You-Go Plan

No subscriptions or monthly fees, flexible commitment-free payment plan on a post-by-post basis, with transparent fees

AdMass report demogprahics

These estimates were generated using a simulated campaign

Build Custom QR Codes

To include on your products and product pages

AdMass QR code

Each offer gets dedicated public pages for directing your customers using QR codes and links.

As a bonus, we drive traffic to your page from Google and AdMass to attract more customers who love your products.

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