Turn your customers into brand advocates

AdMass is the only influencer marketing platform that connects businesses to the trusted friends & family networks of content creators with less than 1K followers.

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Ranked on Feedspot, Sep 2021

Don't have a lot of followers?

With BrandBucks, you can earn rewards promoting products no matter how many followers you have.

Drive New and Repeat Sales


Increase sales and maximize return on every marketing dollar you spend by offering your customers rewards in exchange for social media recommendations.


Offer discounts on repeat purchases

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Provide rebates driving new sales

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in-depth reports!

Automate your marketing

AdMass uses AI to automate the account and posting verification process, helping you cost-effectively scale your marketing campaigns.

Spend less
time on marketing

Fits right into
your customer journey

Customized to
your brand narrative

Reach your customers through trust

We help you generate organic promotional posts from your customers promoting your products to their friends and family.

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Why you should choose


Grow brand awareness faster

With AdMass your posts show up more frequently in the social media feeds and searches of your customers


Up to 60x more posts than influencer marketing done through micro-influencers


More brand awareness thanks to a consistent promotions spread across a larger audience


72% of consumers learn about products from family and friends (Pew Research Center)


0% of people trust suggestions from the family and friends


After your customers promote your products they get exposed more frequently to your posts


81% of purchases are influenced by friends’ posts on social media (Forbes)

All In-One Marketing Solution

Management, Promotion, and Optimization

Campaign Management - We manage your campaign and automate promotion verification.

Payment Processing - We process any payments you issue in exchange for promotions.

Marketing Optimization - We provide customer insights which help optimize your marketing.

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1. Setup Campaign

We set up your marketing campaign tailor to your brand and marketing objectives. Once completed you get a landing page that aligns with your brand ensuring seamless integration with your customer journey.

2. Connect To Customers

You receive a link and QR code for your campaign that you can use to drive your customers to your landing page. Turning your email lists into promotions and new and repeat sales is easy with AdMass.

Control Post Review

3. Control Post Reviews

Review each post before it goes live or let us automate thousands of posts through our AI and scale fast, making your hashtags go viral.

4. Track Results

Generate custom codes for each post to track sales across Shopify, Amazon, WooCommerce and more. Use sales data for each campaign to inspire your next campaign!

Tracking Sales

Build your content library for free

Get a licensed copy of every promotional post

You get a copy of every promotional post which you can reuse and repost on your social media accounts.


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Learn more about your customers

We provide in-depth profiles of your customers by scanning their social media and analyzing thousands of data points.

Personal Profiling

Learn about their family, hobbies, travel habits and upcoming special occasions.

Promotional Strength

We determine how well they can promote your company and reflect your brand.

eCommerce Profiling

Learn about their favourite colors, brands, products and other shopping habits.

Emotional Profiling

Learn about what you customers love, hate and what makes them frustrated.