Profile Creation

Creating a profile in AdMass is easy and only takes a minute. Having a good profile allows you to get in front of your target audience and stand out from your competition in the advertising marketplace.


Your profile is one of the first things that a brand looks at before they accept your inquiry and place the order. Making sure that you have a strong and descriptive profile ensures that you increase your chances of improving your inquiry success rate (the number of inquiries that turn into active orders).


When you create your profile, you will be asked to select the industry which you fit in best. It is important to select the most suitable choice as this will improve the targeting for brands that conduct business with you and purchase your posts, and in turn improve your reputation bringing you more business.

Additional Profiles

In addition to their primary profile, each influencer can add additional profiles for any of the supported social networks. These are profiles where you still qualify, however they may be less prominent or may not have as many followers or subscribers as your primary one.

You can only have one additional profile per social network per influencer. If you have two profiles on the same social network, we recommend that you register an additional account for the second profile.

You can delete your additional profiles at any time. You cannot delete your primary profile; however, you can edit it at any time by editing you profile.


This helps brands ensure that they are targeting the right geographical location and demographics that they require for their influencer marketing campaigns.

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Brands & Companies

Your profile is what incites influencers to do business with you. Influencers that tend to provide good ROAS are also very particular who they choose to advertise. They are usually very conscious about their brand and what companies and brands align with them, and they rarely go outside of that industry.

By configuring your profile with as much information as possible for the influencers to see, you will be improving your chances at creating quality ads that help you sell your products and services and get them in front of millions of people.

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