When you receive notifications you will see an alert by the menu item. You will receive notifications for:

  1. Placed Campaign Inquiry (if brand or company)
  2. Placed Direct Order (if creator)
  3. Accepted Direct Order (if brand or company)
  4. Accepted Campaign Inquiry (if creator)
  5. Completed Order (if brand or company)
  6. Approved Order (if creator)
  7. Rejected Order (if creator)
  8. Expired Order (if creator and brand or company)
  9. Disputed Order (if brand or company)
  10. Cancelled Order (if creator)

Additionally you will receive security notifications for:

  1. Verifying your email address
  2. Setting up your security question and answer
  3. Additional security and policy updates

Email notifications

You can set what you receive emails for in your account settings area. By default you receive email notifications for:

  1. Account tips and promotional emails.
  2. Notifications received in your AdMass account

For security purposes there is no way to turn of security and policy emails. This is to ensure that your account is secure and you are aware of important changes to AdMass.

Important to know

We recommend you do not turn of email notifications if you are in the process of placing orders or inquiring about offers. Doing so may result in you missing necessary notifications with regards to the order process which may result in you missing the due date on an important order (if you are a creator) or you auto-approving (if you are a brand or company) a post that you are not satisfied with.