Tracking Conversions for Creator Marketing Campaigns

Our #1 goal is to make sure that you get a high ROAS from your creator marketing campaigns. To better help you gauge the benefit you receive from using AdMass we have created a conversion tracking option to help you get the most accurate data.

Using Google Analytics

We have created a quick url builder which you can use to track your campaign using Google Analytics. This is a perfect solution for when the selected destination for your advertisement is a website.

The following parameters are required when building a url for Google Analytics on AdMass.

  • Website - The full website URL (e.g.
  • Campaign Source - The referrer: (e.g. admass)
  • Campaign Medium - Marketing medium: (e.g. instagram)
  • Campaign Name - Your AdMass campaign name

Once you have completed filling out the parameters a tracking URL will be generated for you. You can then copy this url into your ad offers.

Why Can't I See My Conversion Tab?

To see your conversion tab you must first add at least one offer.

Learn more about ad offers

Set Conversions