Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Creating influencer marketing campaigns with AdMass is easy and helps you cut through the noise and right to your target audience. Our innovative tools and advanced learning algorithms allow us to customize your experience saving you both time and money.

When an influencer marketing campaign is created you will be prompted to add your offers. Once activated, then the influencer marketing campaign is seen in the marketplace by influencers who can promote your offers.

Your campaigns consist of three main components:

  • Your Profile – This is what influencers will look at when they make your decision. It will appear in various places including your campaigns.
  • Your Campaign – You can segment your campaign through a variety of ways such as date, location and more.
  • Ad Offers – These allow you to choose which network you want to select and what format you would prefer your advertisement to be in. You will not be able to activate your campaign until you add at least one ad offer.

Let’s explore these various campaign components a little bit further.

Customizing Your Influencer Marketing Campaign

There are several ways to customize your campaign with AdMass at the campaign level.

Campaign Location

This setting will segment your demographics by location. There are four different ways to segment your location:

  • City – This will limit the campaign
  • Region – This limits your campaign by province or state
  • Country – This limits your campaign by the country
  • Global – This makes your campaign worldwide

Influencers that do not fit in that demographic will not be able to see your campaign in the marketplace and therefore will not be able to inquire about your campaign offers.

Campaign Dates

If your campaign is supposed to last a limited time only then you can choose a date range for your campaign. This allows you to ensure that no offers are made outside of your date range when the influencers inquire about your campaign. There are three ways to set your date ranges:

  • Unlimited – This will not set any starting or ending dates for the campaign
  • Ongoing – This allows you to set a start date but no end date
  • Fixed – This requires you to set both; a start date and an end date

Campaign Objective

This allows the influencer to better understand your objective with your campaign and allows us to provide better results as we learn and adapt for your preferences. This will also allow us to increase your ROAS through customized features that we will be able to create thanks to these valuable insights.

Total Budget

Allows you to set how much they want to spend on your campaign. You will be asked if you want to extend this amount when you run out of budget.


Set in which currency you would like to process the funds. Current available options are:

  • USD
  • CAD

Number of Followers

This is the number of followers that an advertiser is looking for when they placed orders with influencers. Any inquiries placed by influencers with a following less than this designated amount may not get accepted by the advertiser.


You will not be able to activate your campaign until you have created an offer. Your offers represent what influencers will be able to promote and place inquiries on. There are several options which you have to choose from when you are creating an offer.

Items marked as * are required

Social Network *

You get to choose which social network you would like your influencers to come from. Once selected, influencers who visit your influencer marketing campaign will only be able to see ad offers that coincide with one of the social network which they have a presence on.

Text *

You are required to provide at least some text. The image sizes will be limited by the requirements of the social network that you have chosen.


You can choose to add an image for the user to post. The image sizes will be limited by the requirements of the social network that you have chosen.

Due Date

This the date that the user sets when they inquire about your offer. If you approve the inquiry, then this is the date by which they have to place it on their network. In the event they are not able to complete the post in time, the advertiser gets a full refund.

If the influencer chooses, they can schedule and complete their post prior to the due date in which case they do not receive any penalty.

Deleting and Hiding Ad Offers

If you choose to not use an offer that you have made then you can hide it so that it is not visible. You can hide ad offers that have already been use for placing orders. You can also delete an offer that has not yet been used for ordering, however you cannot delete an offer that has already been used in placing and order.

If you choose you can also edit your ad offers. You cannot edit ad offers that have ongoign orders. To edit an offer you mush wait until all of the placed orders that use the offer have been completed.

Profile Settings

You can also limit your campaign with selecting a specific industry at the profile level. By selecting a specific industry at the campaign level you will prevent any influencers that do not connect with your target market from being able to see your influencer marketing campaign in the marketplace.

This is done so that you receive the highest ROAS on the orders you place through segmenting the audience and target market of every single inquiry on your influencer marketing campaign.

Learn more about your profile settings and how they influence your campaigns.